S. No. Name Year Guide Topic
1 Dr. Dinesh Gupta 1997 BSS Hypertensive – hypervolemia haemodilotion therapy in the treatment of vasospasm following aneurysmal SAH
2 Dr. Gauri Joshi 1997
3 Dr. Rajesh Chhabra 1997
4 Dr. Deepak Tyagi 1998
5 Dr. Sanjay Bansal 1998 SNM Cytokine concentrations in human meningiomas – their clinical correlation
6 Dr. Ram Kumar 1999 AP Intraventricular sodium nitroprusside therapy in refractory symptomatic vasospasm due to aneurysmal subarachnoid haemorrhage
7 Dr. Sanjay Aggarwal 1999
8 Dr. SandeepMohindra 1999 VKKH Transcranial Doppler study in aneurysmal subarachnoid haemorrhage: A radiological and clinical correlation
9 Dr. Arun Saroha 2000 SNM Evaluation of BCL -2 and ROS-1 oncogene expression in brain tumours of Glial origin
10 Dr. Phani Kumar 2000
11 Dr. Harpreet Singh Badwal 2000 AP Expression of receptor – Ck Gene in gliomas
12 Dr. Kamal Verma 2000
13 Dr. Om Parkash Prasad 2000 AP Role of MRI in predicting the surgical outcome in cervical spondylotic myelopathy
14 Dr. S. Kranthi Kiran 2000
15 Dr. Haroon Salaria 2001 SNM Evaluation of rapid sequence MR imaging in brain tumour
16 Dr. Amrit Kumar Singh 2001 SNM Prognostic value of evoked potentials in severe traumatic brain injury
17 Dr. Deepak Kumar SKG Measurement of Pulastility index by transcranial Doppler and its correlation with intracranial pressure in aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage
18 Dr. M.N. Swamy SKG Management of spontaneous intracranial haemorrhage. A retrospective analysis of 50 cases
19 Dr. Sanjay Kumar Gupta
20 Dr. Tarun Kumar Adukia VKKH Assessment of mobility at the craniovertebral junction after transoralodontoidectomy for CVJ anomalies
21 Dr. Maneet Gill
22 Dr. Sarbjit Singh Chhiber VKKH Aneurysmal subarachnoid haemorrhage, spectrum and outcome: A one year study at PGIMER, Chandigarh
23 Dr. Rahul Gupta SNM
24 Dr. Ajay Bajaj KKM Role of decompressivehemicraniotomy in severe traumatic brain injury
25 Dr. Ghanta Rajesh Kumar SKG Outcome following surgical clipping of aneurysms in patients with poor grade aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage
26 Dr. Anand Kumar SNM Study of neuroendocrine dysfunction in patients with traumatic brain injury
27 Dr. Dibyendu Kumar Ray 2003 MKT Giant pituitary adenomas-correlation of clinical characteristics and surgical outcome
28 Dr. Rakesh Ranjan 2003 AP Profile of spinal dysraphism
29 Dr. Rahul Singh 2004 SKG Anterior temporal lobectomy in patients of medial temporal sclerosis with refractory epilepsy – initial experience
30 Dr. Pranshu Bhargava 2004 MKT To compare the effects of lidocaine and magnesium alone in patients of severe head injury: A prospective study
31 Dr. Bhanu Prakash 2004 KKM Recovery of pituitary functions after surgical excision – Pituitary macroadenoma
32 Dr. Amit Mohare 2004 VKKH Comparison between CT angiography and digital substraction angiography in diagnosis and management of intracranial aneurysms
33 Dr. Ramesh Chandra V.V. 2005 MKT Clinical profile of pediatric brain tumours
34 Dr. Navneet Singla 2005 KKM Incidence of Nosocomial infections in post operative neurosurgical patients – A prospective study
35 Dr. Saurabh Kumar Verma 2005 AP Autonomic disturbances in moderate and severe head injuries
36 Dr. Alok Arvind Umredkar 2005 SKG Intracerebral infarcts following clipping of intracranial aneurysms: incidence, clinical correlation and outcome
37 Dr. Pankaj Gupta 2005 SNM Spectrum of anterior communicating artery aneurysms at PGI: retrospective study of 10 years (Jan. 1997 – Dec. 2006)
38 Dr. Anil Kumar Dhingra 2006 MKT Comparison of magnesium and lignocaine therapy in severe head injuries between GCS 3-4 and 5-8
39 Dr. Ajay Dhawan 2006 AP Comparison of trans cranial Doppler study with perfusion CT scan for early detection of vasospasm induced cerebral ischemia after aneruysmal SAH
40 Dr. Tarun Sharma 2006 RCH Elderly head injuries- Clinical profile and outcome
41 Dr. SachinAdhikari 2006 SNM Spectrum of middle cerebral artery aneurysms at PGI retrospective & prospective study
42 Dr. Rohan Sinha 2006 VKKH Fludrocortisone in aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage in relation to hyponatremia and cerebrovascular spasm
43 Dr. Dinesh Patel 2007 KKM Perioperative glucocorticoid replacement in patients with nonfunctioning pituitary adenoma
44 Dr. Amit Vashisht 2007 SKG Cervical spine injury: Clinico radiological profile and outcome
45 Dr. Priyamvadha K 2007 SM Outcome of hemi cranial decompression in severe brain injury
46 Dr. Sachin Goel 2007 SKG Assessment of cranial nerve dysfunction after excision of large/giant vestibular schwannomas
47 Dr. Nitin Yogesh 2007 KKM To study the efficacy of sildenafil citrate in reversing cerebral vasospasm following surgery for aneurysmal sub-arachnoid hemorrhage
48 Dr. Vinod Malik 2007 RCH Role of stereotactic biopsy in diagnosis of white matter lesions of brain
49 Dr. Sunil Singh Gautam 2008 SNM Polymorphism in glioma (Glioblastoma)
50 Dr. Nagesh Varshney 2008 RCH Role of decompressive surgery in post traumatic cerebral infarcts
51 Dr. Manish Sharma 2008 AP Clinical presentation and outcome of posterior communicating aneurysms at PGIMER, Chandigarh
52 Dr. Sudhir Singh 2008 SKG Intra-operative rupture and temporary clipping during surgery of intra-cranial aneurysms
53 Dr. Sukumar 2008 SNM Evaluation for degree of malignancy in patents with brain glioma using 99TC-MIBI brain spect
54 Dr. Aditya Srivastva 2008 MKT Correlation of plasma von willebrand factor levels with clinical outcome of severe traumatic brain injury
55 Dr. Kajal Das 2009 SNM Role of 18F FDG PET in differentiating common enhancing malignant brain
56 Dr. Lalit Kumar Bhardwaj 2009 MKT Cerebral perfusion changes in traumatic diffuse brain injury: 99M TC-ECD SPECT study
57 Dr. Ankit Gupta 2009 SKG Clinio-Radiological profile of intracranial infarcts after clipping of A.com artery aneurysms
58 Dr. Amey R. Savardeker 2009 KKM Clinical presentation outcome and long-term follow up at operated case of non-functioning pituitary odenoma
59 Dr. Ashish Aggarwal 2009 MKT Predicting the outcome after aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage – A study of various factors
60 Dr. Ravi Garg 2009 RCH Outcome of severe head injury after ICU care
61 Dr. Prashant Kumar Chaudhary 2009 KKM Pituitary dysfunction in survivors of spontaneous subarachnoid hemorrhage of anterior communicating artery aneurysm and middle cerebral artery aneurysm – A comparative study
62 Dr. HarsimratBir Singh Sodhi 2009 SKG Natural history of patients presenting with spontaneous subarachnoid hemorrhage in a tertiary care centre
63 Dr. Bala Raja Sakher Chandra 2009 RCH Role of PET/CT in diagnosis of vertebral lesions comparison with MRI
64 Dr. Alok C. Sarda 2009 KKM Infective complications in compound depressed fractures of skull : A study of implications of conservative treatment in a tertiary care centre
65 Dr. ShwetaKedia 2010 SNM Microsurgical anatomy of the anterior cerebral artery in Indian population
66 Dr. Rakshith Srinivasa 2010 SNM Microsurgical anatomy of the middle cerebral artery in North West-Indian population
67 Dr. Rajeev Garg 2010 RCH Hyparnatremia: In independent casual factor in mortality in traumatic brain injury
68 Dr. Sareesh Kumar 2010 SKG Insular gliomas: clinical presentations and surgical outcome, a progressive study
69 Dr. Harnarayan Singh 2010 KKM Analysis of outcome after decompressivecraniectomy in patients with aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage
70 Dr. Futane Sameer Shanker 2010 MKT Hemicraniectomy in malignant middle cerebral artery infarct: A prospective outcome analysis at a tertiary care centre
71 Dr. Karthigeyan M 2010 SKG Correlation of MRI characteristics with intraoperative findings and histology in intracranial meningiomas: A prospective study
72 Dr. Manjul Tripathi 2010 SNM Profile of patients with head injury among vehicular accidents presenting of PGIMER, Chandigarh
73 Dr. Ramesh S. Doddamani 2011 MKT Role of inter tentorial – 6 and MRS in management of traumatic brain injury
74 Dr. Mohd. Danish 2011 MKT Analysis of Pattern, profile and outcome of head injury in children reporting to the department of Neurosurgery, PGIMER, Chandigarh
75 Dr. Apinder Preet Singh 2011 KKM The role of choice of intraoperative crystalloids in the occurrence of postoperative hypernatremia following craniopharyngioma surgery
76 Dr. Sachin Bindal 2011 SKG Clinical neuropsychological and radiological assessment of patients undergoing surgery for temporal lobe epilepsy
77 Dr. Barun Kumar 2011 RCH Endoscopic findings in anterior cranial fossa skull base aspergillosis (with or without radiologic findings)
78 Dr. Vikas Maheswari 2011 SNM microsurgical anatomy of supraclinoid portion of internal carotid artery in North-West Indian population-Cadaveric brain dissection
79 Dr. Devi Prasad Patra 2012 MKT Study of microsurgical anatomy of medial temporal lobe in North-West Indian population cadaveric brain dissection
80 Dr. Mahander Pall 2012 SKG Anatomical landmarks for intradural anterior petrosectomy – A cadaveric study
81 Dr. Satish Kumar Bansal 2012 SKG Postoperative visual outcome in patients of parasellar meningioma
82 Dr. Rajesh Meena 2012 RCH The role of 18F-FDG PET/CT and 99m Tc MDP bone spect/CT in diagnosis of vertebral lesions: Comparison with MRI
83 Dr. Santhanam 2012 SNM Micro-Anatomical dissection of the tentorium and its incisura: A cadaveric study
84 Dr. Tenzim Gyurmey 2012 KKM Visual outcome after pituitary surgery
85 Dr. Nasib Iqbal Kamali 2012 MKT Determinants of outcome of care provided by the department of neurosurgery PGIMER, Chandigarh to the geriatric patients with traumatic brain injury
86 Dr. Sachin GR 2012 KKM Study of psychological and biochemical markers of stress in patients of subarachnoid hemorrhage and their impact on neurological outcome and quality of life
87 Dr. AnkurKapoor 2012 SNM Study of microsurgical anatomy of intradural portion of vertebral artery in North West Indian population
88 Dr. Sushanta Kumar Sahoo 2012 SKG Pattern of venous drainage in intracranial meningioma & its correlation with peritumaral brain edema
89 Dr. Neeteesh Kumar Roy 2012 SNM/PS Microsurgical anatomy of cavernous sinus cadaveric study
90 Dr. Rajeev Goel 2012 RCH Vasospasm after aneurysmal SAH: Role of intra-arterial nimodipine and functional outcome
91 Dr. Anirudh S. 2013 KKM Impact of transsphenoidal surgery on cardiovascular parameters in patients with acromegaly
92 Dr. Debarshi Chatterjee 2013 MKT Cognitive, emotional and functional outcome following mild and moderate traumatic brain injury: a prospective study
93 Dr. Ankur Bajaj 2013 MKT Study of the microanatomical relations of extradural vertebral artery to C1, C2 vertebrae in terms of cadaveric dissection and computerized tomographic anagiography
94 Dr. Amit Joshi 2013 RCH Effects of superior sagittal sinus ligation in bifrontal craniotomy for DACA aneurysm surgery
95 Dr. Ramanadha Reddy K 2013 NS Effect of surgical parameters on postoperative outcome in patients undergoing clipping for ruptured intracranial aneurysms : A prospective observation pilot study
96 Dr. Gopi Krishna Kursa 2013 SSD Efficacy of repeated lumbar punctures after endoscopic third ventriculostomy
97 Dr. Deepak A.N 2013 PS Direct posterior reduction and fusion by facetal drilling for irreducible congential atlantoaxial dislocation
98 Dr. Abhishek Kumar Gupta 2013 SM A study of correlation among intraoperative impression frozen section and final histopathology report of intraparenchymal supra tentorial CNS tumous
99 Dr. Manish Kumar 2014 SM To evaluate the long term outcome (1 year post operative) after repairing ACF with pericranial graft in patients of invasive qliuocerebral aspergillosis undergoing antifungal chemotherapy
100 Dr. Ayusman Satapathy 2014 KKM Co-relation between volume and invasiveness of pituitary adenoma with the degree of resectability
101 Dr. Rakesh Kumar Sihag 2014 SKG Anatomical Relationship of the Temporo-Frontal Rami of the facian nerve and Superfacial temporal artery to the fascial laysrs of the temporal region-cadaveric study
102 Dr. Prashant Kumar 2014 PS Atlanto-Axial lateral joint morphometric Study in northwestern india population: A Cadeveric study
103 Dr. Rupesh Kumar Singh 2014 NS Anterior pituitary dysfunction following clipping of a.com artery aneurysm and its correlation with type of aneurysm – A prospective observational pilot study
104 Dr. Saikat Saha 2014 SSD Study of clinico radiological factor determining outcome after surgery for spinal dysrathisms
105 Dr. Sanghavi Ankur P. 2014 MKT Relation between TC 99-ECD SPECT scan brain, perfusion CT brain and cognitive, emotional and functional outcome following mild and moderate traumatic brain injury: A Prospective study
106 Dr. Prankul Singhal 2015 KKM Prevalence of osteoporosis in Acromegalay patients.
107 Dr. Shaswat Kumar Dandpat 2015 MKT Influence of Gut and Buccal microbiome in the progression of Primary Glial Brain Tumours.
108 Dr. Darpan Gupta 2015 SKG Excision of giant vestibular schwannomas using extraarachnoidal dissection & tailored meatal drilling and evacuation of postoperative outcome in terms of Facial Nerve function & completeness of resection
109 Dr.Chauhan Ravi Bharatbhai 2015 RCH Role of PET CT in evaluation of spinal tuberculosis
110 Dr.Chandershekhar Gendle 2015 MKT Clinical, functional and Neuropsychological outcome in Neuro surgical clipping vs Endovascular coiling.
111 Dr. Vasundhara S Rangan 2015 RCH The diagnosis of spinal tuberculosis; Role of multiplex PCR.
112 Dr. Jigar Sinh Jadeja 2015 SKG Visual deficits in mild head injury
113 Dr. Shiteez Aggarwal 2015 MKT Analysis of level of trace elements in patient of head injury and its correation with GCS
114 Dr. Kokkula Praneeth 2015 SM Evaluation of proplylactic controlled CSF fistula in pediatric spinal dysraphism
115 Dr. Sunil N 2015 PS Long term outcomes following direct posterior reduction and fusion by facetal drilling for irreducible congential atlantoaxial dislocation
116 Dr. Nishant S YagNich 2015 SSD Outcomes asessment in Endoscopic Management of Hydrocephalus and comparison with shunt procedures.
117 Dr. Sumit Dave 2015 NS Factors governing postoperative recovery of thoracic spine injury patients; stabilised by expandable cage and vertebral body screw
118 Dr. Raja Sekhar 2015 MM Factors Predicting Neuropsychological outcome and seizure outcome in patients undergoing surery for drug resistant focal epilepsy.
119 Dr. Jenil Gurnani 2016 RCH The short term effect of Gamma Knife radio surgery on pituitary hormones in patients treated for non pituitary lesions
120 Dr. Mukund A Chaudhari 2016 SM Comparision of Kyphotic deformity and clinical outcome after conventional laminectomy and hemilaminectomy performed for intradural extramedullary tumour excision
121 Dr. Puneet Malik 2016 PS To study the role of C1-C2 distraction – fusion for chiari malformation-1 in patients without apparent atlantoaxial instability
122 Dr. Prashant Maskara 2016 SSD A comparative study among supraorbital keyhole clipping, pterional clipping and endovascular coiling in selected patients of ruptured cerebral aneurysms
123 Dr. Mukesh Kumar 2016 NS Association of vitamin deficiencies with pediatric brain tumours
124 Dr. Adnan Hussain Shahid 2016 MM Comparison of Quality of life in clipping ruptured anterior circulation aneurysms with of without intra-operative events
125 Dr.Anshul Kulshreshtha 2016 RCH To assess the correlation between clinical and radiological improvement and sequential changes in PET/CT in spinal tuberculosis patients on anti tubercular treatment
126 Dr. Lomesh Shankarrao Wankhede 2016 SM Sexual dysfunction after clipping of ruptured aneurysms: Comparison of anterior communicating artery with rest of the aneurysms
127 Dr. Rajasekhar N 2016 AA Clinical and radiological outcome of moyamoya disease – Analysis of surgical results in a tertiary care centre in North India
128 Dr. Aman Batish 2016 SKG Outcome following surgical management of petroclival meningioma
129 Dr. Abhinav Agrahari 2017 MKT Post traumatic brain injury aggression: incidence, risk factors and correlates
130 Dr. Ashwath KG 2017 AA To study neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio in brain tumour patients and its correlation with tumour histopathology
131 Dr. Partha Sarathi Mondal 2017 MM Clinical and neuropsychological outcome after posterior fossa tumour surgery in children – Analysis of treatment results in a tertiary care centre in North India
132 Dr. Ninad Ramesh Patil 2017 SSD To study clinicoradiological factors affecting quality of life after surgeries for sellar / suprasellar lesions
133 Dr. Mandeep Singh Kataria 2017 PS To study the complications of posterior C1-C2 fusion for Atlanto-Axial dislocation
134 Dr. Vipul Agrawal 2018 SKG Comparative study of interrupted vs continuous microvascular anastomoses in a rat model
135 Dr. Panchal Chirag 2018 PS To study the role of foramen magnum decompression with C1-C2 distraction – fusion for chiari malformation type -1 in patients without apparent atlantoaxial instability
136 Dr. Ghanshyam Sasapardhi 2018 NS Long term outcome after surgical clipping of anterior circulation aneurysm – A retrospective study
137 Dr. Sushant Dutta 2018 MKT Evaluation of trace elements and Heavy metals in patients diagnosed with glioma
138 Dr. Ashwani Kumar 2018 RCH Outcome assessment following endoscopic endonasal trans-sphenoidal surgery in pituitary adenoma causing acromegaly
139 Dr. Anurodh Kumar 2018 SM To define the incidence of symptomatic pseudomeningocele in patients undergone posterior fossa surgery- craniotomy with dural prosthesis, craniotomy without dural prosthesis and craniectomy
140 Dr. Anshul Siroliya 2018 AA To study the feasibility of correlation of RDW with brain neoplasm
141 Dr. Archit 2018 SSD Study to assess the efficacy of navigation in thoracolumbar spine fixation
142 Dr. Parth Jani 2018 SKG Comparitive study of surgical exposure following extradural versus intradural anterior clinoidectomy in cadavers
143 Dr. Raj Kumar Bhatta 2018 KM Evaluation of clinico radiological outcomes with index screws in short segment fixation for thoracic and lumbar fractures
144 Dr. Ashish Sharma 2018 MKT Epidermiology of head injury in female patients admitted to PGIMER and its functional outcome at 3 months follow up
145 Dr. Biplav Singh 2018 APS Comparison of surgical outcomes between the elderly and young following endoscopic transsphenoidal surgery for non functioning pituitary tumours
146 Dr. Ajay Kumar 2018 MT Rebleed and seizure outcome after gamma knife radiosurgery in cavernoma patients – analysis of results in tertiary care centre in north India
147 Dr. Tejasvi Singh Randhawa 2018 MM Quality of life assessment after traumatic brain injury
148 Dr. Puneeth S 2019 PS
149 Dr. Atul Sharma 2019 SSD
150 Dr. Rakesh Pandey 2019 NS
151 Dr. John Vimal Vincent 2019 MM
152 Dr. Raj Ratan 2019 SM
153 Dr. Nilanjan Majumder 2019 RCH