We believe that medical education definitely needs a fillip to align itself to the healthcare of tomorrow. To meet this challenge, we have created a website focused exclusively on Neurosurgery Education and have Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh as one of its main entities.

Training Programme

1. Mch Neurosurgery ( 3 year ).
2. Post doctoral Fellowships.

1. Skull base surgery (1 year).  2. Cerebrovascular surgery (1 year).  3. Paediatric neurosurgery (1 year).

1) Mch Neurosurgery course :

The department takes residents into the Mch Neurosurgery course every 6 months (January and July) by a common exam conducted by PGIMER, Chandigarh. New residents joining the course undergo a 2 months orientation programme during which they are exposed to various departmental activities before starting independent duties.

The department holds an academic meeting every morning which is attended by all the faculty members and residents. It is held every morning from 8 – 10 am at the Gamma Knife centre and skills training lab.
All post operative cases are discussed during this meeting including radiology, complications and further management plan.

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday: Seminar and Journal club presentation

• Wednesday and Friday: Preoperative session (Cases posted for surgery are discussed, including clinical evaluation, interpretation of radiology and operative management)

Wednesday 4 pm: Neurosurgery and Neuroanesthesia meeting. Complex and challenging cases are discussed by the departments together for planning. Similar cases and complications are discussed in post operative period as well.

• Saturday: Clinic evaluation and case discussion along with Department of Neurology (One case is presented each by a neurosurgery and a neurology resident. These are discussed by both the departments along with clinical examination. Diagnosis and management plans are discussed)

Each resident is required to submit one thesis as part of the Mch programme. The residents are assigned a topic and a guide within 3 months of joining. The resident has to collaborate with his/her guide regularly and need to present regular progress report on assigned days.

All residents are entitled for a stipulated number of leaves during the MCh tenure as per government rules. The resident taking leave must, in addition inform his/her seniors in the team.

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